NEW Podcast Alert! In this exciting episode of Real Talk With Realtron, Jeremy Pilarski catches power realtor Brian Persaud immediately following the Realtron Awards event. Brian shares some valuable insights regarding today's competitive realtor environment and divulges secrets & tips that has helped him take his business to the next level. You'll also be amazed to learn how Brian became a realtor in the first place and how today, he has built a successful business one-client-at- a-time. Every realtor will benefit from this broadcast!  

Tune-in and check out this new & exciting Real Talk with Realtron Podcast launching featuring Sahil Jaggi as we explore the insights and secrets of becoming a successful real estate investor. This podcast can literally change your life and lead to financial freedom in new and innovative ways you may never have imagined. Join Jeremy Pilarski and his special guest to get the tips that only a few well-seasoned investors know! Learn from someone who is already doing it and can show you how you can do it too!

Immediately following an over-500 attended event comprised of some of the most consummate & astute real estate professionals in North America, Jeremy Pilarski cornered two seasoned real estate veterans Maryjane Viejo & Robert Kroll for a sit down interview. Don't miss this podcast! Incredible insights, secrets & tips on building a successful real estate business and how being client-centric is the one BIG advantage!

In our new Podcast “Real Talk with Realtron, host Jeremy Pilarski sits down with two extraordinary business leaders, Vanessa Jeffery & Anuja Kumarasamy. Both share their personal story & philosophy for building a successful consumer-centric business, one client at a time. You’ll be inspired by their authenticity and dedication for helping people realize their real estate goals & how each gives back to the community. 

In this NEW Real Talk with Realtron podcast, you'll hear key market insights and trends that you can take advantage of whether you're buying or selling. Join 3 real estate specialists including Alex Pilarski, Cam Forbes & Jeremy Pilarski as they help us navigate through one of North America's hottest real estate markets. Toronto & The GTA.

Wayne Kahn shares over 25 years of secrets, insights & invaluable tips on building a successful real estate business. Hear & see it all as he sits down with Jeremy Pilarski in our new Real Talk with Realtron Podcast airing Tuesday April 23rd.

What are the successful habits and secrets that create a Rookie of the Year and Platinum Club Member? In this episode of Real Talk with Realtron, Jeremy Pilarski sits down and get's deep with Lawrence Mak & Vadim Vilensky who share their tips for being a successful realtor in today's new market.

In this new episode of Real Talk with Realtron you learn tried and true techniques that will help you build a stronger real estate business one-client-at-a-time. Join Jeremy, Alex & Cameron as they share personal experiences that have grown business in any economic climate. So pour yourself a coffee, sit back and get ready to be inspired.

In this second Podcast episode, Real Talk with Realtron explores 5 behaviour traits that will help to increase your awareness and business. Set yourself up for success as we begin a new year filled with endless professional and personal possibilities. Featured in this Podcast is Alex Pilarski - one of the industry's most successful broker/owners, Cameron Forbes and Jeremy Pilarski - with over 35 years combined experience, you're sure to hear some insights and tips you haven't heard before! And delivered in a fun, fast and entertaining fashion. Pour a coffee or tea (or something stronger) and enjoy this podcast!

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